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Welcome to JacobiTeacher

At JacobiTeacher, we offer individualized, professional, educating, and entertaining German language learning services that meet the goals of all students irrespective of culture, level, or age.

We are committed to offering flexible and non-constricting regulations and curriculums. While most language programs and curriculums are created around the teaching of every aspect of the German language, even often socially unnecessary rules, due to unnecessary government regulations, our programs effectively cater to the student's personal needs and individual goals.

We understand that learning a new language can be socially difficult. To be able to speak in a different language, students need to learn, how to deal with social conflicts arising from the language barrier.​ JacobiTeacher creates positive learning situations that enhance the student's learning process. With teaching methods based on Blended Learning education, the philosophies of John Dewey, Kersten Reich, and Vera Birkenbihls' brain-friendly language learning techniques we have always drafted our topics and lesson structures to reflect a conversational language approach. 

As speaking a language is less following rules and more exchanging information socially, we aim to

  • Create enjoyable and fun social situations that make you use your language skills.

  • Provide stimulating learning environments that help you not to lose track of your goals.

  • Individually tutor and coach you to organize your learning process and push you forward.

  • Create and apply media that helps you learn grammar; build vocabulary and enhance your listening skills.


The Wall Street Journal reports about

our homeschooling service for M. Wenger

JacobiTeacher on German tv network Kabel 1 (watch it with a German VPN)

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Nicolas Jacobi
JacobiTeacher Founder

Nicolas Jacobi is a native German speaker, social scientist, and versatile, certified German educator with over a decade of teaching experience. As an individual interested in many diverse cultures, Nicolas sees life as a collection of experiences.

Having graduated from the University of Cologne in 2008 with a degree in Social Science, Teaching, and Education (Lehramt Sekundarschtufe 1), Nicolas pursued his long-standing dream of impacting productive knowledge of language and social science on students from diverse backgrounds, working in 4 different schools in Cologne, Krefeld, and Berlin; Germany.

In 2015, to pursue more challenging opportunities, Nicolas opted to continue his career as a seasoned, flexible educator by moving to America and starting JacobiTeacher.


He has implemented several student-oriented teaching methods, which have characterized his reputation as a prominent figure in the German language sphere in New York City.


Since the pandemic, Nicolas has been moving around the US, bringing his in-person classes to different parts of the country.

Since spring 2023, he has been working from Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Online and In-Person in Las Vegas

German native  English C2

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Russian native German C2 English C2

Online and In-Person in New York City

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William Slattery

American native  German C2

In-Person in New York City

Our Teachers

Nicolas Jacobi

To me, a language is a tool for social interaction, however, German is a very rule-based language that often seems to limit the opportunity for free social interaction. But don't worry, you can learn how to focus on the social aspects of the language and it will make speaking the language much easier. There are many different reasons for learning German, and speaking German is one of them. Other people learn German to read it, write it, sing it, or maybe just to pass a test. I can organize your learning process, support you in focusing on your individual goals, and push you forward.  We can create an individual and personal approach that includes your favorite topics and, especially fits into your schedule. I have studied at the University of Cologne under Professor Kersten Reich and he has shaped my teacher personality with the philosophies of John Dewey and constructivist teaching methods. Other influencers were Vera Birkenbihl, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Ayn Rand, Bernd Feuerherm, and Dr. Jürgen Zepp.

Julia Bogatyreva

I’m Julia, a certified German language teacher with Bachelor's degree in German Studies and Pedagogics and a genuinely happy person because I’m living my dream life, though the path to get here was quite long.


My dedication was rewarded when I won the DAAD Scholarship twice, allowing me to study at Saarland University in Germany. Living and learning in Germany was an incredible opportunity to fully immerse myself in the language and culture.


While I was abroad, I reached a high level of fluency and passed the Goethe C2 (native level) exam in Washington D.C. all on my own.


With over 5 years of teaching experience, I’ve become skilled at creating personalized lesson plans and worksheets that fit each student’s needs. I specialize in teaching beginner to intermediate levels (A1-B2), conversational German practice, and exam preparation for the Goethe Zertifikat, TestDaF, and TELC certifications. My students love my lessons because I inspire them to grow and learn by setting a positive example. My students often tell me that my smile is contagious, and they enjoy our lessons because they are always engaging, humorous, and informative. As a professional German teacher, I guide my students with dedication and expertise.


I also run a YouTube channel, @djudsland, where I share tips and insights for German language learners worldwide. 


Whether you prefer in-person lessons in New York City or online classes, I'll make sure you get a rich cultural experience along with top-notch language instruction. My unique teaching method is designed to help you start "thinking in German" from day one.

William Slattery

William Slattery is a certified New York State teacher and Fulbright Scholar who has several years of teaching experience. As a former business student, William has an interest in both current events and business strategy that has allowed him to gain a critical understanding of the world around us. After studying at Fordham University in the Bronx, William fulfilled a life-long goal of moving to Austria on a Fulbright Scholarship. During his time in the Alps of Salzburg, William achieved both fluency in the German language, as well as a deep understanding of Austrian and Germanic culture. In conjunction with teaching Business English and German at the high school level, William has decided to help others study the German language either by Zoom or in-person to help others share in the joys of becoming bilingual. 

During his time studying English as a New Language at the graduate level at Hunter College in Manhattan, William gained a thorough knowledge of the most effective skills needed to help others learn a language and looks forward to working with you. 


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In-Person German Tutoring in New York City and Las Vegas

Our German tutoring sessions in Las Vegas take place at our location in Las Vegas: 5795 W Flamingo Rd #265. In NYC, we bring our in-person classes to your public or private location of choice.

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Actor German language Coaching

JacobiTeacher provides German pronunciation coaching, German spelling coaching, and German translation services for your film project, podcast, or music project. Contact us via email

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German Online Group Courses

Our German Online course caters to absolute beginners as well as advanced learners who have experience learning German. We integrate digital language learning material into online classes, which makes our courses interactive and fun.

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