At JacobiTeacher, we offer individualized, professional and entertaining German Cultural Talks and language learning solutions that meet the goals of all clients/students irrespective of culture, levels or ages.

We are committed to offering flexible and non-constricting regulations and curriculums. While most language programs and curriculums are created around the goal of teaching specific words, we cater our services to your personal needs and individual goals.​

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German Class Dallas NYC Online

Corporate Cultural Talks

Our German tutoring sessions take place online or at JacobiTeacher locations in NYC. For students who prefer private lessons at their place, we can bring our classes to your home or work, with a higher fee depending on distance.

German and US-American citizens seem to live under very similar conditions. We look similar, and consume the same products and entertainment. Still, culturally the countries are much more different than many people know. Our cultural talks discuss a huge variety of cultural similarities and differences as well as the reasons for them. Our talks are available in English and German language.

Private Tutoring

Our German Enrichment Programs programs usually run for 9 to 12 weeks, and are available for schools, private groups, and educational institutions. Each course can be booked for 3 - 10 participants, with age groups 2-6, 7-11, 11-15 and 14-17+. Participating schools, groups and institutions will provide the learning space, and we will provide all German learning materials. Alternatively, courses can take place in our facilities in New York City and Los Angeles.

German Enrichment Programs

Corporate Cultural Talks

German Class Dallas NYC Online
German Class Dallas NYC Online

German Language Events

The German language is very exact and this can be intimidating. Students do not only need to know the grammar and words but also how to use the language in social situations. We create entertaining social situations that give every student the change to use their German language skills. Most of our cultural events are in the English language.

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