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Collect the most points in a month and win prizes (gift cards, books, German candy...)

How to collect points?

If you enter the JacobiTeacher class, you will share your daily work and improvements with us, and we would use the data to determine which participant collected the most points in a month. Be aware that you are not going to see the data as we do. The pictures below show what we will have access to:



Dallas German NYC Tutor
german classes Dallas Brooklyn, NYC

The results will be documented in a chart on this site.


You will receive...

- 1 point for every xp you collect in Duolingo that month.

The participant, who collects the most points in a month (improves points the most), will win the prize of the month. After each round, the winner will be notified on the first day of the following month. We will ship the prize via email or USPS to your US location.

This is an ongoing challenge. You can enter the contest at any time. Participation is free!

Round 1: June 20 - July 31     $50 Amazon gift card

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