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Enrichment Programs

German Enrichment Programs Dallas NYC Brooklyn

At JacobiTeacher, we offer individualized, professional and entertaining German Cultural Talks and language learning solutions that meet the goals of all clients/students irrespective of culture, levels or ages.

We are committed to offering flexible and non-constricting regulations and curriculums. While most language programs and curriculums are created around the goal of teaching specific words, we cater our services to your personal needs and individual goals.​

Our programs adapt to the individual needs of each student and are an excellent opportunity not only bilingual German families but non-German children to experience the German language in an After-School setting, without having to commit to it for many years. Depending on their goals, age, skills, and level, activities will include reading, singing, German games, as well as grammar instruction, advanced discussions and logic exercises.


A beginners reading course for children age 6+  could look like this:

German Language Introduction (9-12 week program)

Students are introduced to the pronunciation and spelling of the German language and the differences to English. After this program, the participating children can read and pronounce short German texts and will be able to keep learning the language on their own using tools like Duolingo. The fee includes all learning material.

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Other programs might focus on goals like those:

  • Experiencing German in a playful way

  • Introducing the German language

  • Organizing the learning process

  • Building vocabulary

  • Building a basic knowledge of how the German language works

  • Acquiring self-study techniques for learning German

  • Improving spoken German

  • Enhancing literacy skills and fostering a love of reading/writing in German

  • Preparing for the German SAT and other Language tests

  • Preparing for German college applications

  • Acquiring information about German culture and society

German classes for bilingual children and teenagers will be in a totally immersive setting. If the students are non-bilingual in German, they will be exposed to the language in a more school-like, partially-immersive form.


Please bear in mind that a totally immersive setting often slows the attainment of goals of the class. In order to profit from a totally immersive setting, bilingual students would have to be exposed to the language outside of class on a regular, even daily, basis. If the student is not exposed to the language daily, the learning process should be organized in a different, partially immersive way.


Our German programs usually run for 9 to 12 weeks, and are available for schools, private groups, and educational institutions. Each course can be booked for 3 - 10 participants, with age groups 2-6, 7-11, 11-15 and 14-17+. Participating schools, groups and institutions will provide the learning space, and we will provide all learning materials. 


Most classes are comprised of twelve 60 to 90-minute language instruction sessions for students, and one 60-minute coaching session for parents. The parents’ session focuses on how to support their children’s language learning at home.

Contact us for more information or a customized quote:

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