Private Tutoring

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The usual price for our One-on-One tutoring service is $60 for a 60-minute lesson. This would include lessons at our location in Manhattan, NY: 1740 Broadway - 15th floor.


Individualized group sessions would cost + $20 per hour for each additional student.

For students who prefer private lessons at their place, we can bring our classes to your home or work, with a higher fee depending on distance.


For online lessons, we use the video conferencing service "Zoom". 


We are committed to ensuring flexibility.  Hence, we have incorporated flexible schedules that intend to accommodate free rescheduling for the same day.


However, on very busy days, free rescheduling may not be possible. See more info about our Reservation and Cancellation Policy by clicking here!

Our Teachers

Nicolas Jacobi

(Location: NYC and Online)

Nicolas Jacobi is a native German speaker and a versatile, certified German educator with over a decade of teaching experience. Having finished from the University of Cologne in 2008 with a degree in Teaching and Education, Nicolas pursued his long-standing dream of impacting productive knowledge of language and social science on students from diverse backgrounds, working in 4 different schools in Cologne, Krefeld, and Berlin; Germany. In 2015, in his pursuit of more challenging opportunities, Nicolas opted to continue his career as a seasoned, flexible educator, by moving to New York City and starting JacobiTeacher LLC.As a student under Professor Kersten Reich at the University of Cologne, he has been influenced by the philosophies of John Dewey and constructivist teaching methods and uses a lot of these methods for his lessons. ​

Dorit Hahn

(Location: Los Angeles and Online)

Dorit Hahn completed her Masters in German as a Foreign Language, American Studies and Intercultural Business Communication at the University of Jena in 2000, and was awarded a PhD in Education from the University of Nottingham in 2013. For more than two decades, she has been teaching German. Her experience of living and working in other countries as a teacher, but also as a translator, has allowed her to study even the more subtle differences between cultures, and it has opened her mind to many other views of the world. It is Dorit’s mission to instill a passion for language and a curiosity for other cultures in each of her students, regardless of their background. Dorit offers communicative, interactive and culturally informative lessons set in a fun and open learning environment. This method is founded on structural learning based on solid knowledge of language acquisition and learning strategies.

Travel fee 

In order to keep the schedule as flexible as possible for students, we would prefer to teach at our JacobiTeacher office near Columbus Circle. However, for prospective students who cannot make it down to our office, we do travel as well.  A travel fee related to the time we need to reach the destination would be added to the tuition fee.

Area A - $30 per booking

Area B - $40 per booking

JacobiTeacher Chrysler Building - $10 per booking

JacobiTeacher Columbus Circle - no travel fee

* For lessons at JacobiTeacher Chrysler Building - 405 Lexington Avenue - 9th floor, we charge a reduced $10 travel fee per booking. For sessions at 1740 Broadway - Manhattan, we do not charge any travel fee.

** At JacobiTeacher Brooklyn Gowanus (157 13th St), we offer German After-School-Programs only.

Learning German

Most people are too busy to attend group classes regularly. Blended Learning in an individual setting will be the future for learning languages. We recommend the following tools:


For many different reasons, the availability of German books in the US is minimal. But Audible offers a great variety of German audio books. They can be fantastic for practicing your listening skills, and some of them are also available on Kindle. Purchasing both, you could listen and read at the same time. Use the Audible link to start a free trial, get two audiobooks for free, and check out our other Amazon links below for recommendations of specific books and other German material. We like the Ingrid Noll crime stories a lot and enjoy working with them. 

German Class Dallas NYC Online

YOUTV is a web-based online service where the registered user can access the functionality of a video recorder. Here the concentration lies since November 2009 on German television stations. YOUTV can provide you with access to the complete selection of German television channels. However, for some channels, US restrictions exist. YOUTV is available for Amazon FireTV, NVIDIA SHIELD, Google TV, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, Google Cast, Samsung TV, LG TV, Philips TV, iPhone, Ipad, Android.

German Class Dallas NYC Online

Duolingo can be a fantastic tool for building vocabulary. We have a few clients that had not done anything but Duolingo for a year, and they had an excellent understanding of German. Duolingo works well if you do it regularly. It is gratifying, giving you sounds, icons, and points. But it also punishes you by redoing a lot of chapters, if you do not use the app often enough. This can become very frustrating. For people, who learn less frequently, Memrise might be the better tool. Use the link, join our Duolingo group and win prizes. (more about that)

German Class Dallas NYC Online

Memrise is less of a game, and that makes it more flexible. It works similar to flashcards and is less rewarding than Duolingo, but it is also not going to punish you. While Duolingo is very good for beginners, Memrise might be the tool you want to move to, when Duolingo becomes too easy. We are working on our JacobiTeacher Memrise courses right now and are planning on publishing them soon.


Most language learning material caters to group settings, especially for learning German. But you are not a group. Most books that you can find, will probably not be useful for studying German as an individual. We do not recommend any of the popular Klett and Cornelsen books from Germany. But we do recommend the McGraw Hill Practise Makes Perfekt German program. It is an excellent tool for learning German as an individual. For children and teenager, we recommend the book Usborne - Easy German. It makes a start into German fun. We have been using it successfully many times. Most literature that we recommend is for Intermediate readers. Der Kleine Vampir is an excellent book for kids age 8 - 12. Das Parfum is very difficult. Probably one of the most difficult German books to read, but maybe the best for studying German adjectives.

60 minute lesson (all levels)

45 minute lesson (all levels)

30 minute lesson (all levels)

60 minute online lesson (all levels)

45 minute online lesson (all levels)

30 minute online lesson (all levels)







1 person at JacobiTeacher, Manhattan

1 person at JacobiTeacher, Manhattan

1 person at JacobiTeacher, Manhattan

1 person video lesson with "Zoom"

1 person video lesson with "Zoom"

1 person video lesson with "Zoom"

Other Services

Corporate Cultural Talks

German and US-American citizens seem to live under very similar conditions. We look similar, and consume the same products and entertainment. Still, culturally the countries are much more different than many people know. Our cultural talks discuss a huge variety of cultural similarities and differences as well as the reasons for them.

German Enrichment Programs

Our German Enrichment Programs programs usually run for 9 to 12 weeks, and are available for schools, private groups, and educational institutions. Each course can be booked for 3 - 10 participants, with age groups 2-6, 7-11, 11-15 and 14-17+. Participating schools, groups and institutions will provide the learning space, and we will provide all German learning materials. Alternatively, classes can take place in our facilities in New York City and Los Angeles.

German Language Events

The German language is very exact and this can be intimidating. Students do not only need to know the grammar and words but also how to use the language in social situations. We create entertaining social situations that give every student the change to use their German language skills. Most of our cultural events are in the English language.

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