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"Road to DSD 1"

Students who are interested in working or studying in Germany need to prove their proficiency in German. Passing DSD 1 and DSD 2 tests developed by German Kultusministerium are some of the ways to provide this proof. Kids can take the DSD 1 after entering 8th grade. Kids who pass DSD 1 qualify for DSD 2, which they are allowed to take after entering 11 grade or later.

Passing DSD 1 shows qualifications on a B1 level. Passing DSD 2 shows skills on a B2 level, which is the minimum level needed to qualify for studying in Germany.

We have been preparing kids for passing DSD 1 in a classroom setting. Unfortunately, many children are too busy to travel to regular DSD 1 courses.To adapt to your individual needs, we will start offering DSD 1 preparation courses in an online setting. 

Our online courses are created for children age 10 - 13 and will teach all grammar, vocabulary, and understanding of the test forms that kids need to pass the DSD 1 test successfully. 

The actual DSD 1 test will take place in an official DSD 1 testing school, like "Deutsche Sprachschule White Plains," and we recommend that children spend the last year of preparation, the year they turn 14, at the test school. The teachers that run the course during the exam year, usually also organize the exams. 

Contact Nicolas Jacobi with your questions:

Mondays 4:30pm - 6:30pm (Break 5:30 - 5:40pm)

30 x 110 min class

Tuition for the Semester 2020/21: $600

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