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NYC German Los Angeles Online tutoring Las Vegas

Nicky Josephson

Great German teacher! Goes into great detail about all the topics, and answers all of my questions. He has been teaching me for more than 2 years, as well as my sisters!

NYC German Tutoring Las Vegas

m k

Nico is a fantastic teacher/tutor. He's patient, understanding, and above all accommodating. I highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to learn German.

NYC German tutoring Las Vegas

Felipa Quiroz

JacobiTeacher provides an excellent service. I have been a happy customer for a few months now. I have taken German before but have not practiced in a long time and one day I finally decided to do something about it. I contacted JacobiTeacher and they responded immediately. The process has been very smooth and I truly feel like I am making great progress with my German. What I like the most about this service is the flexibility they provide, I have had to reschedule classes last minute, and I have never been charged for a class I did not take. They really go out of their way to work with your schedule. My main goal was to speak German better and we have been working on speaking and understanding instead of spending countless hours memorizing words without context. Highly recommended.


Doesn’t just do a great job with adults, but also with kids like me (13).

NYC German tutoring Online Los Angeles Las Vegas

Robert Ernst

Nico is truly a professional language instructor who tailors his system to meet the needs of each student. I have enjoyed working with Nico over the last several months, and my proficiency in German has grown significantly in that time.

NYC German tutoring Los Angeles Online Las Vegas

Brian Dowling

Nico is a fantastic teacher/tutor. He's patient, understanding, and above all accommodating. I highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to learn German.

Best german tutor NYC  Los Angeles Online Las Vegas class

Ziv Cohen

Nico Jacobi is an excellent German tutor, he makes learning German easy and fun. Highly recommend!

Dallas Best German class LA Online NYC classes Las Vegas Summerlin

Alan G.

Nico is very solid and dependable. He's also very good understanding of how to handle kids on the spectrum. He is very observant and flexible.

Las Vegas German tutor NYC WEHO West Hollywood Chattanooga Nashville Columbus Ohio

Doreen N.

My son (7 years old) started to see Nico for weekly German lessons about 1.5 years ago. Nico has proven himself to be reliable, inventive in getting my child engaged, and indispensable when it comes to fostering my child’s German. My son has made enormous progress in reading and writing German and this despite the ever-growing demands of his all-English school. I would highly recommend Nico’s services to bilingual families.

Las Vegas German tutor NYC Online LA Ohio Columbus Nashville Chattanooga Atlanta Birmingham

Courtney S.

Nico is the best. I wanted a tutor who I could feel comfortable with and who could assess my needs as a student and point me toward the right direction. Nico has been that for me and then some. Every day I learn more and I get more and more comfortable speaking German. I honestly didn't know how it would be possible, but Nico is making it possible. I HIGHLY recommend him!!!

NYC German tutoring Las Vegas Los Angeles

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